Wintr bot documentation
To learn how to work and use wintr you can get started by using the default prefix (",") as an comma or you could change the prefix with the command [ setprefix (newprefix) ]


Is wintr free?

Yes, wintr is fully free although in Version Update 7.42 there will be a premium update with over 72 Premium features

Why won't the bot reply?

This could be due to wintr being restarted or updated, If an huge error had occurred which had caused a huge downtime it would be announced on wintr's website.

Music command's are bugging?

There could be 2 error's in this category
  • Bot Crashing In Voice-Chat
  • Bot Having An Error Playing Music
#Error 1: This bug could be due to the bot being either updated or stopped from it's host manually.
#Error 2: This could be due to a version of the bot not being updated or your server not being pushed into the update if this error does occur you can dm council#0002 to resolve the error.f

Change Log

  • Embed update 67% of command's.
  • New #remind command - July 16, 2021
Last modified 10mo ago
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